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I couldn't believe it!  Right there in black and white, was my name!  Best dressed, Kate Myers (my maiden name).  What, me?  I got this shirt on the clearance rack at Wet Seal! Not from Abercrombie and Fitch.  This was me my senior year in high school.  Ever since then, I dress to impress.  It doesn't matter the occasion, I like to put thought into every outfit, right down to the shoes, handbag, and jewelry.  I have one favorite clothing line called, CAbi, with my own personal stylist that I've learned all sorts of fun things from! And my two favorite boutiques in town are The Mint Door Boutique and Rise Up Co. in St. Johns, MI.  Check out @kaymankate, where you will find posts on my fashion experiences, outfit of the day and you'll see lots of CAbi clothes mixed with other affordable pieces.


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