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Finally Fall with Cabi

I finally hosted my Fall 2017 Cabi party, and the wardrobe did not disappoint! My fabulous and fun stylist, Blaine, set up her racks of clothes and then presented every piece to my friends and I while sipping and noshing. We got to make notes on our catalogs of what pieces we love, and then when she finished her presentation we got to try on all the pieces! Of course, because clothes make me giddy, I found too many pieces that I love!

I bought dress pants, blouses, a sweater, and a dress. This should get me through countless outfits through the fall and winter. I love the mustard color that is huge this fall! Today I wore my navy blue ava trouser with my lydia blouse. I wanted to show off my new booties, so I rolled the bottoms. If I wear flats or heels with these pants, then I don't roll. Cabi also has jewelry and shoes, I'm obsessed with the bon vivant necklace, so of course I wore that today too!

If you are interested in attending one of my Cabi parties, please reach out, I'd love to have you see what this life is all about!

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