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When you can taste and smell again

You should definitely stop in to Cupcakes and Kisses, the new bakery in downtown St. Johns. This adorable little bakery is the third location for the family owned business out of Owosso.

I am excited because not only do they bake delicious gourmet cupcakes (in every flavor) they also have pies, cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, cheesecakes, bread, and they serve soup and salad, and all dressings are homemade. I had the Italian salad and the chicken and dumpling soup. AMAZING! Another lunch spot to choose from in our town.

So far in my two visits, I managed to try peanutbutter chocolate, strawberry fields, mint kiss, bananna caramel cream, salted caramel, chocolate hoho, and a cherry cheesecake. I think after tasting six flavors I am now a seasoned taster. Here's the take away: every flavor is moist with the right amount of crumb. You can taste real butter, cream, and fruit, never TOO sweet and the frosting is proportional to the cake. In my opinion, this is cupcake PERFECTION. There are so many mouth watering choices, which just means you can come back again and again, plus the menu changes so there is always something new.

My favorite part of this bakery is that I no longer have to make cakes for birthdays because they take custom orders! Especially after my peanutbutter sheet cake fiasco, I am happy to hand off the baking in my house to Cupcakes and Kisses, which I did just that today for my sister. When you need a special treat for a birthday, a holiday, a quarantine, or because you can finally taste again, this should be your first stop.


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