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Winter Weddings

I've recently been watching the Netflix series, Bridgerton. OMG! The dresses, the decor, the architecture, the delicacies, the overall design, the scandal, but have you noticed the flowers?! I know this is a difficult feat when the Duke of Hastings appears on your screen, but regardless, the flowers that adorn the Bridgerton home, the massive, lush arrangements that seem to be displayed at every ball, the floral bouquets that are brought by every gentleman caller, the gardens that each couple promenades through, all just breathtaking!

-photo credit, Netflix

It's no wonder that the "season" of introducing debutantes to high society happens to be when all things flowers are blooming. It appears that all of London has their pick of beautiful blooms and ladies, during this time. I will say how relieved I am that Bridgerton is just a show, and that the days of parading women around for men to swoon over is not the norm of our society today. However, I do pine for the elaborate dresses, jewels, flowers, and attention to detail. I am certain that I will be constructing some sort of soiree based off of this show, naturally after our state opens up.

Until then, we are in a "season" of winter. Some days I despise the cold and the clouds, but other days when thick snowflakes are falling, or the sun is shining down and reflecting off of the snow making it sparkle, I find myself in a winter dream. Winter can be quite beautiful, and so can winter weddings.

-photo credit Travis J Photography,,

The dresses, the decor, the details can be just as elaborate as a wedding in the spring or summer, but maybe a bit more magical, especially open air ceremonies or photo shoots with snow covered trees, a blanket of white, and sparkling icicles. I imagine a lodge or barn type venue, mountains or woods as a back drop. Warm and cozy fires burning, lots of candle light, heavy hors d' oeuvres instead of a formal dinner, champagne and bubbles, fur or shearling, deep reds, greens, and purples, or pure white and ice blue; add your family and few close friends and you have a dreamy, intimate, winter wedding. Pure magic, right?!

-photo credit Sacks Productions, Sarah Young,

Let me know when you are ready to discuss your winter wedding and all the elaborate details. For now, I am creating winter arrangements on a smaller scale, with the same deep purples, greens, and pure white. Still magical, still dreamy, and still in the "season" of weddings.


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