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I said yes to the dress...

about seventeen years ago. Fooled you for a hot second, didn't I? Hold tight, I will explain soon. I don't usually discuss my work for the state, but we do some pretty incredible things when it comes to outreach in the community. One of my favorite parts of the job is recording video with the Representative to highlight the many amazing people and small businesses in Clinton and parts of Gratiot. One business we recently visited is Becker's Bridal out of Fowler, MI.

Rep. Filler interviewed the owner, Shelley Becker, and we learned the history behind the bridal boutique, toured the new bridal rooms, and then up the stairs to the newly opened Phoenix. Designed by Shelley herself, the space is full of magic and whimsy, straight out of Alice in Wonderland. It is a place to celebrate after brides do indeed say "yes to the dress." Right now, brides can sip on bubbly and dessert, but the menu will expand to salads, charcuterie offerings, and more as they get their feet wet. The pictures below give a sneak peek at the magic!

So about that dress. Visiting Becker's Bridal again after so many years was beyond exciting for me. It took everything in my soul to walk away from the beautiful dresses without trying them on. But that didn't stop me from trying on my own wedding dress the second I got home, and whipping up a bouquet to accessorize, because you know, that's what I do.

You know what? I still felt like a princess again when I put it on, and I still love my dress after all these years. However, given the chance to try on dresses again, I will absolutely say yes!


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