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Nailed it!

It's officially over, my 2018 wedding season has come to a close and I couldn't be more pleased with how things turned out! There was growth on my part with designing a bouquet and choosing the perfect flowers to compliment the bride's theme. I learned that I love flowers even more than I thought I did, and I learned that creating this type of art is my true happy place, I'm finally meeting the famous Patty Macha, and I've had quality time to reflect on my flower dreams...but, let's just get to the pretties!

My last wedding was for a bride that incorporated country, rustic, and vintage touches throughout her fall decor. These are three different themes especially when you throw in the word vintage, but as this bride wrote in her thank you, I nailed it (best compliment ever)!

The country and rustic theme was incorporated by the use of pumpkins and wood crates, as well as using seasonal flowers like cremone mums, button mums and fall foliage, the vintage shown through with feathery agonis foliage, and the different textures of protea, calla lilies, celosia, and ruffled roses that complimented the bride's birdcage veil perfectly.

The different colors and textures had me giddy with joy as soon as I opened my boxes from the delivery driver! But, to have the bride hold the bouquet, my completed masterpiece, makes everything I do worth it. Don't get me wrong, I am still filled with anxiety every time no matter what, because if a bride doesn't jump for joy when she sees my flowers, I take it personally. And that is why it is so important to nail it every time! Goodbye fall wedding season, I can't wait for a new year!

Venue: Doig Chapel at the Masonic Home in Alma

Photographer: Christine Crumbaugh

Flowers: Kate Upton

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