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My first wedding in COVID times

The 2020 season has been one that most people in the wedding business might just want to move on from, I definitely created less arrangements for weddings, and more for intimate gatherings, but my silver lining is that I was still able to create and learn and challenge myself.

One of my favorite flowers to grow, to display, and to work with, are dahlias. The shapes of their petals are beautiful and fascinate me. This year I planted my dahlias in a different location at my home then the previous year. Unfortunately, critters dug them up and ate them in a span of two nights. I was devastated, but that's part of the experience with growing flowers outside of a greenhouse. Because I had no dahlias to design with, I sought flower farmers in Michigan. For the bridal bouquets and arrangements, I drove down almost to the border of Ohio to pick up dahlias from a wonderful flower farmer at Forget Me Not Farms. I found her on IG and fell in love with her presence and naturally, her blooms. Another lovely flower farmer that I purchased flowers from in an array of colors and textures was Marilla Field and Flora out of Ann Arbor, in combination with the dahlias, her blooms completed the design inspiration, and kept me dreaming of growing my own flowers and dahlias in my backyard again, critter free of course.

Providing floral for this couple truly brought me joy and happiness as I was able to design the floral decor at the Briar Barns Event Space. I utilized the floral vessels and other elements offered by the venue and my team (thanks mom, thanks Alicia) and I created table arrangements, bridal attire, ceremony arrangements, trellis arrangements, and floral details throughout. On the day of the wedding, my hubby assisted in the set up, it truly is a family affair.

Even though the year has not turned out the way it was planned, there is so much that is good and that I am thankful for. Designing floral arrangements is one. For me, the good that I see is the joy the arrangements bring to others. To start with something so beautiful and delicate and then make it even more beautiful is something I think everyone should try, and if you don't want to try, you can always hire me.

Photographer: Annette Isabelle


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