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Spring Fashion Trends + Your Own Stylist

for free! Yes, I said that correctly, your own fashion stylist for free. Meet Blaine. Blaine Gebhardt is my own personal Cabi stylist that I have been working with for close to ten years now. Each fall and spring, Blaine comes to my house with carefully curated clothing choices for me. I get to try on the pieces that she hand picked, but also I get to try on pieces from the entire line, FOR FREE! This is one of my favorite things that I look forward to each season and just because she brings you clothes to try on does not mean you have to make a purchase either, but for me, this is not an option. I always have to make a purchase because, you know, I love clothes!

Blaine tells me that this spring the fashion industry is pairing black and white again. Good to know because I always pair black and white together, it's just so classic. However, I'm going a bit wild because my black and white is in the form of a zebra jogger! I can not wait to wear this outfit. It's comfy, it's a statement, and it's on trend. I do realize that this might be too much for some, okay, most people. Pairing a white jean or dress pant with a fitted black blouse, tank, or tee has worked for ages, and it still works today, and guess what, the jean lineup is insane. Boyfriend, straight leg, cropped, cropped high-low, and wide leg will work, and so does that questionable skinny.

Even though Blaine brings me clothes to try on, the clothes don't come in my exact size, so she fits each outfit with clips so that I get the "real" feel and idea of what it will look like on me. I also always get a size that fits in the hips and booty (I have lots of that) and then I make friends with a tailor to take in the waist so that I don't have the dreaded back gap. Oh, and I always try on clothes with heels or shoes that I think I will wear with the outfit.

Another trend that is current is mixing and matching colors and patterns, you know like when you were 5? Yes, just like that but more refined. I am pretty adventurous with clothing styles, I mean, I have basically been in my bathrobe the prior year, but that is changing, so I'm all about the mixing and matching. Again, it's not for everyone, and that's ok, it can also be done in smaller doses too. Instead of head to toe, you can throw in a mixed color and patterned scarf, bag, or shoe.

This is the outfit I will be mixing and matching my patterns and colors with. You can't quite tell, but there is one color that brings the whole outfit together, and that is the warm orange color. Also, if you are going to do a head to toe mix and match, definitely pair it with a neutral shoe. The reason I love this outfit so much is because of the pants. You can do the typical trouser pant, or you can do a gathered tie. I LOVE that there is options, it's like two pants in one! The details are something that Cabi never skimps on. Each piece of clothing will always have a unique, cut, detail, or shape.

A few other trends this season that still work are pairing white and cream together, and wearing your comfortable jogger outfit with a heel and bold lip.

Guys, if you want to have your own personal stylist then call Blaine, and if you want to shop any of these looks, then please visit Blaine's site and she will help you get started. What's the take away here? Trends are just that....trends. They come and go, some stick, some do not. Ultimately, wearing what you feel confident in is MOST important, but it's okay to try new trends too, because you don't know if you will feel confident in it unless you try. So be bold my friends, and share your outfit choices. I would love to see them!


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