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Over the knee boots

The temperature is finally dropping here in mid Michigan. This means boot weather! Booties are all the rage but so are over the knee boots which can get tricky.  How do you look chic instead of looking like a pirate or Puss in Boots? Well, the material and how form-fitting it is to your leg.  A thin layer of faux suede and a pointed toe will help your endeavor. Chunky, clunky and bulky not so much. If you're out shopping and you are not sure about the look then take someone with you, a close friend you know to be honest or blunt. They'll let you know if you look like a cat or a pirate!

I am wearing a vintage  cabi  jacket and blouse from the fall 2016 season.  You may be thinking to yourself, this is so last season, why is she blogging about something from 2016? The good thing about cabi is that most of the pieces are still relevant, and you can wear them from season to season.

My favorite accessory though, my Michael Kors over the knee boots! They have a little bit of silver chain link detail around the heel that captured my attention as I was trapsing down the many rows of boots. I don't think I look like Puss in Boots but, it's your call!

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