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Cabi Spring 2018 line is here!

Ever since the middle of January I’ve been waiting for the 2018 cabi spring collection to go public and it finally has! I would have loved to have a front row seat facing the catwalk, but viewing it on my computer in the comfort of my home is a close second.

Some of the trends that are still going strong are bell sleeves, long gold necklaces, chunky heels, pastels, and a bright orangey-red to make everything just a bit happier!

My favorites are below, and if you see something you love, I can help you build your wardrobe with quality pieces that will last for seasons.

My next purchase is the Charlie Trouser and the Wing Top, put together just like the below model.

Charlie Trouser and Wing Top

And of course, I’ll be buying the Tiptoe Sandal in that bright orangey-red to accessorize all my outfits!

Tip Toe Sandal


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