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Fall Centerpieces

My aunt's birthday was yesterday, and I wanted to make a fall centerpiece for her, so I went to Horrocks and got lost in the floral section. I thoroughly enjoy seeing and touching every type of flower available and then choosing the perfect color scheme. I went with fall mums, celosia, billy buttons, and some foliage, naturally! Today I thought I would discuss how to construct a simple centerpiece.

You'll need:

container with liner

soaked floral foam cut to fix the container

seasonal flowers

cutting shears or other clipping tools

First decide which flowers you want to highlight, or those bigger blooms, then put them in all corners and sides of your container, and one in the middle, then cut the stems and place in the soaked floral foam at a height proportional to the container. You don't want the flowers too short or too compact.

Then fill in with bunches of a smaller flowers, and foliage.

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