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One of the best new restaurants in Lansing is Envie, which means "desire" in french. You pronounce the word like you are saying "on-v." Everything sounds and tastes better in french, right? Located on Washington Square, by the capitol, the space is small, but clean, and white, with french kitchen type of decor. The wait staff is amazing, and pays great attention to detail and guest satisfaction. The cocktails are all spectacular and strong, there are many components in each cocktail, the bar staff takes special care in crafting them, so they come out slower than just ordering a beer from the tap. The food is delicious, I haven't had a dish yet that I don't care for. On this particular visit to Envie, we celebrated my parent's birthdays. The chef designed two children's options, and we had our own semi-private space and waiter, most of our group ordered off the menu. Everyone raved about their dishes, and naturally, I asked for bites of everyone's meal. I did not order off the menu, I of course ordered one of the specials. One of two tomahawk steaks, my brother ordered the other. This was my first time eating a tomahawk. Yes, it is named after a Native American weapon.

Tomahawk steak is a cut of beef ribeye that has five or more inches of extra rib bone for presentation purposes.

This delicious piece of perfection had rosemary compound butter on top, with lobster mushrooms and vine ripened cherry tomatoes. I could not have made a better choice in dinner.

No french dinner would be complete without a cocktail named Je Na Sais Quoi, right? The flavors of cucumber vodka, blood orange juice, soda, and olive oil, mixed with lime juice, simple syrup, and an egg white were right on. Not too sweet, not too strong. A perfect combination.


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