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Mixing Seasonal Pieces

It's been relatively warm in Michigan for October, and I've been holding off on wearing all of the fall staples like sweaters, blazers, and turtlenecks, but this week fall has finally arrived! In case you haven't heard, I love Cabi clothes. One of my favorite pieces is the Cheers Blouse, it just looks happy with its mustardy coloring and classic navy and salmon accent colors! The collar is an accessory in it's self, no necklace needed with this piece. Since it is a tank, I can now where it with blazers, and this is where you can mix your seasonal pieces. Try a blazer over a sleeveless blouse. Or how about a sweater with the same colors over a sleeveless blouse with it peeking out from under the sweater? Another fond formula is tights or leggings + long sleeve tee + sleeveless dress. By utilizing some of your fall staples with your spring favorites, you can extend your wardrobe and multiply your options! Oh, and don't forget that olive green is still on trend for fall as a neutral!

I'm wearing my worn-in camel colored leather booties and a vintage bracelet/necklace from Cabi. I just love how the jewelry can be worn in multiple ways.

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