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Sitting around the dinner table during the holidays, my nephew and I were having a conversation about fashion, for a little perspective he is fourteen and in junior high. He was asking about the type of things that I blog about and asked if I have heard of a Supreme Box Logo.

A what? As in a cardboard box with the logo "supreme" on it? Um, no. After a bit of explanation from him, I was intrigued. To my defense Supreme is a "skater" brand and although I recently got into rip-sticking, I don't consider my style "skater" by any means. The logo of the brand Supreme, is just that, the word supreme in a box, well it's more of a rectangle to be technical. But, nevertheless, I needed to look into this. Basically the obsession comes from the brand collaborating with other high end or obscure brands such as other skate brands, shoes, artists, musicians, tech companies, photographers, film makers, sporting goods manufactures, toy companies, furniture makers and even a motorcycle brand.

After further investigation, and "supreme" marketing tactics, I've decided that I need something from this brand, I don't know what, but I want something. The thrill of just being able to get a piece of clothing is a feat in and of itself. After my read through on highsnobiety, and how I can actually try to purchase a hoodie, I was hooked. I'm going to wait for the next clothing "drop" and try to snatch one of these items up just so I can say I have one. Yes, I just said that. Am I a marketers dream come true in a consumer? Yes, I am, but I love fashion and the idea that I can take a piece of clothing and make it my own. Where will I wear my new hoodie or t-shirt, or pants? On my rip-stick of course, and then maybe to church with my over-the-knee boots. The possibilities are endless!

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