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Fenton Fire Hall

Driving in the car the other day, one of the radio DJs from the east side of the state mentioned eating dinner in an igloo. I turned up the dial and listened closely, "Fenton Fire Hall is featuring igloos for private dining and cocktails." I called the restaurant stat and inquired about these said igloos. Turns out they are not really igloos after all, well, not our definition of an igloo. They are dome jungle gyms from the days of our youth, covered in clear plastic. Inside are large stocky wooden chairs with white faux fur pillows, a coffee table with large pillar candles in clear vases, and don't forget the much needed heater! Obviously, the restaurant does not take reservations and we must tempt fate and drive over an hour to "maybe" try out this new dining experience. Fenton Fire Hall, you had me at igloo.

Fenton Fire Hall

As my friend and I arrived at the hall, we bee-lined it toward the hostess and discovered that it would be about a two hour wait for an igloo. We drove all this way, of course we were waiting. We bellied up to the beautiful bar with over 40 beers on draft, and ordered off the cocktail list, naturally. I ordered a delicious Black Tot Grog, for those that are not familiar with this cocktail (like everyone) it is Zaya Gran Reserva Rum, Green Chartreuse, Michigan Maple Syrup, lime juice, and cinnamon maple syrup. My friend ordered a signature Fenton Fire Hall Bloody Mary, complete with pickled vegetables and a Fire Hall Ale pony. As usual I order the most expensive cocktail, this typically aligns with my taste for most things....

An hour and a half later we were called to follow the waitress to our waiting igloo. We cranked up the heat, took a few selfies and ordered the Yeti Mac n' Cheese, Korean Pork Tacos, and Fried Pickles. The Yeti was amazing. Pasta in a creamy cheese sauce with bits of ham and sausage baked to perfection with a thick cheese crust and a lovely soft boiled egg on top. I can't wait to go back and actually try the beer...

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