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Pink Door Boutique

I've been watching a new boutique that opened in Okemos next to my hair salon. Yes, I drive to Okemos to have my hair cut and colored by the very talented Ali (Ladd) Morgan at Mirabella. She is not only creative, but a close friend of mine too. We consider this our time to catch up with each other and solve all the world's problems. Isn't this where most people find answers to life's mysteries? I digressed. A new boutique called Pink Door Boutique, naturally with a pink door, is a wonderful gem that carries trendy and affordable clothes, clutches, jewelry, and shoes. My first purchase was a silk kimono style top.

This is exactly what I would do with my cover up, Jessica Alba is on par. Taking care of kids, swinging them around, trying to look glamorous!

Here I am wearing my top pretending I'm a movie star at my favorite place in the world, Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman BWI. The only accessory missing is my margarita, wait, I mean my kid!

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