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Looking Glass Brewing Co.

It seemed to have taken forever, but the big old empty church on Bridge Street in downtown DeWitt, MI is finally open again to the public. Once called the Old Methodist Episcopal church and placed on the “historic sites” registry for DeWitt, it is now aptly named the Looking Glass Brewing Co ( Thank you Joel Dillingham and Lee Streeter who bought this property and turned it into something that can be enjoyed by residents in the city but also by people like me who love good food and drink!

My friend and I visited the brewery on a Wednesday evening . Upon entering the heavy wooden double doors, we walked up one flight of stairs where there were giant brewing barrels, plenty of people at tables, high tops, and at the bar; it was slightly loud but very jovial. We bellied up to the bar and the bar tender was friendly and happy to answer any questions. My friend ordered the Bridge Street Pale Ale, no taste sample needed. I ordered the Amarillo Crush, taste sample first, and the Poutine for dinner. Amarillo Crush is an American IPA, and it was delicious, fresh and bright with the right amount of hops. Thinking back, I never asked my friend if she liked her beer, but I know she did because after I received my poutine and started in, she had already finished! My poutine was exactly as the description. A little on the rich side. But I would probably order it again anyway.

The atmosphere is family friendly and this is proven through the food menu, and a toddler size table and chairs with activities, which makes me like this place even more for thinking about the families that want to go out to a restaurant, but never do because how will their children behave? And I’m not sure about you, but as a parent, the more beer I consume the more tolerable I become. What is that you say kids? You want candy and a puppy after dinner? Well, ok, why not?

There is plenty more beer and food to try and I am definitely going back, like tomorrow.

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