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The Inn at Black Star Farms

Did that just happen? An entire weekend in Suttons Bay, MI with friends (new and old) an experience that only being there in person can one understand the depth of crazy, fun, beautiful, and inspirational group of women that I am lucky to be a part of! Ah, I digressed yet again. Anyway, these friends of mine also enjoy the finer things in life in the epicurean realm and so naturally, we obtained private dinner reservations at The Inn at Black Star Farms, on the Leelanau Penninsula.

As we were guided to our table adorned in floor length white linen, and a roaring fireplace behind us (did I mention it is still winter in this part of Michigan?) we were graced with two women to serve us, answer questions, and provide us our three course dinner, and wine pairing.

We were given the option of three white or four red wines to choose from. I decided on the the 2016 Arcturos Sauvignon Blanc. Although I have had this wine on its own, I preferred it with the dinner selection.

As we were enjoying our second course, the head chef checked on us to make sure we found everything satisfactory, to our surprise and delight, he looked like a baby, straight out of college. I took this opportunity to grill him on where he went to culinary school, where he worked prior to Black Star Farms, and if he was even old enough to drink the wine. Not surprisingly, I don’t remember his answers, as the wine was too delicious.

If you are planning a trip to Michigan's wine country, wine and food pairing is definitely the way to go, a complete epicurean experience so to speak and Black Star Farms is a good place to start.

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