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Pink and Green Flowers for Spring

A dear friend of mine asked if I could give her a little advice on what types of flowers and vase height she should use for an arrangement at an event she was presenting at. Um, dear friend of mine, why are you not asking me to just make an arrangement for you?!

For this piece I didn’t want it to get in the way of her promotional materials and the reason she was presenting in the first place, it needed to be medium sized, rounded, and soft with pleasant colors, pinks and greens to signify spring . Don’t get me wrong, I love pieces that evoke interest through colors and textures, however there is a time and place for that!

I used seasonal flowers of course, and then bigger flowers to fill in space. Tulips, ranunculus, ornamental cabbage, hydrangea, baby’s breath, and hypericum berry in a rustic box. I first soaked foam oasis in water with a nutrient solution to prolong life, then I strategically placed the flowers and filler evenly throughout, and then sprayed a sealer to further retain water within the petals. I do this for all wedding arrangements since I am creating them a day or two before the wedding or event.

Spring is finally here and it is so exciting to finally see the pinks and greens, yellows and purples, and lovely white flowers that are popping out from a long sleepy winter! Designing and creating bouquets and arrangements for weddings and events brings me much joy in this new season. And dear friend of mine, don’t ever hesitate to ask when it comes to flowers!

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