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Punk Taco

Who doesn’t like tacos?  Especially authentic tacos, or those that are on the gourmet side?  Punk Taco is a new taco joint that opened in Old Town, Lansing on Turner Street.  You can find them at or @punktacolansing on Facebook.  

Who are these punks that opened a brick and mortar to serve tacos?  Well, the Potent Potables Project of course.  These guys also opened Zoobie’s Tavern, The Cosmos, and  The Creole (which has changed to Creole Burger Bar and Southern Kitchen).  Why a taco joint?  Why not?  They make fresh tortillas daily and besides delicious tacos, they make tamales too and offer tequila and margaritas.  

The ambiance is definitely casual,  order your food and drinks at the register and than head to a table to visit with friends for the rest of the evening, or eat quickly on your lunch break and head back to work.  Naturally, the artwork and decor is “punksish” meaning no one gives fill in the rest.  

Why do I like this place?  Simple.  The flavors.  The most popular tacos are the chipotle chicken and mojo pork, but I recommend the chili mushrooms and the thai spiced beets taco along with the green curry chicken tamale.  And, just as The Cosmos has their “trust us” pizza, Punk Taco has its “trust us” taco.  Always try it!

How come this post doesn’t have a tequila recommendation?  I brought my kiddo with me on the first visit, and tequila, well, tequila is not beer, so I’ll be heading back for a margarita tasting at some point!

Anyway, tacos are good, these ones are filled with flavor, and they come out quick.  This is a place I’ll go again and again.  

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