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A boutique in town?!

Yes, you read correctly! The  newly opened Mint Door Boutique on Higham Street, is a long awaited addition to downtown St. Johns.  I bought the cutest pink ruffle shirt with gray polka dots and zipper detailing in October, I wear it frequently.  I wanted to post immediately after that purchase, but I held off for one reason or another.

 I've never been one to need retail therapy, but today as I drove past the window thinking about a recent event that led me to tears, I thought to myself, yes that dress will make me feel so much better!  I bought the dress.....and a belt to go with it, and another dress, and a Christmas gift for my niece.  Hey, don't judge me, I do feel better!  And niece; if you are thinking to yourself, "I don't want to wear clothes that my aunt could wear,"  don't worry, it's practically a crop top, but for winter!  Plus, I like to consider myself somewhat of a cool aunt.

That red dress in the window....that was the one for me so it is no longer there. 

It looked so comfy or hygge (all the rage these days) perfect for those cozy winter nights or my upcoming Christmas parties so I had to try it on. You know how when you try on clothes you are supposed to dance, I mean sit down to see how they move and feel, like if it shows a little too much of your assets or digs deep into that platter of cookies you ate last night?  This dress passed all tests!  

And of course I'm in love with the LBLD  (little black lace dress) that the owner just happened to bring out while I was in the dressing room.  Try this one on she said, you'll love it!  Well, naturally I loved it and so does hubby, everybody wins!

Bottom line, go into the Mint Door Boutique when you are sad, happy, mad, looking for something unique, or all of the above, it's a great little gem that St. Johns now has.  And if you find yourself in the dressing room, don't forget to dance, I mean sit down!

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