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New Year, new........?

Happy new year! Can I still say this? What a new year it is for my family and I. We decided to ring in 2019 with more transitions than a normal family should, but I assure you they are all good! So good in fact I feel them worthy of a blog post.

New house! We officially closed on January 3 and we are the proud owners of a home in town, and a home on a lake with a pool, and new debt! (Please tell everyone you know that we are selling our home). With the home in town we will be closer to EVERYTHING! School, sports, dance, grocery stores, entertainment, you name it, we will be closer, and now instead of stopping at the park to use the restroom on my way through town, I can use my own bathroom, because we live in town! Well, see, we need a few small things before we can start living there, you know like appliances and things of that nature. We are currently painting bedrooms, and I'm designing rooms in my head. I think it will come together nicely, provided our first home sells.

New job! I am driving to Lansing three days a week for my new job, an amazing opportunity that I am so thankful to have been given and I still can’t wrap my head around it. As my new boss says, I run the show. Kind of, in an interesting sort of way. And to think, we met only a year and a half ago thanks to a mutual friend! We both took a chance on each other and this is where we ended up! I’m still figuring out what I am allowed to discuss and what is confidential, so it’s better to say nothing for now. Are you curious?!

New floral clients! With the flexible schedule of my new position, I am still able to pursue my love of flowers and designing bouquets for brides on their wedding day. I’ve been meeting with potential clients, and I still have a few weekends available this summer and fall, it’s my happy place and I’m so excited to create!

New schedule! We are so thankful for the families that take care of our kiddos. Without them, the dropping off, picking up, running to and from would leave us worried and second guessing our decision for me to work in Lansing. And I have to give props to hubby because he is the one who is doing most of the running. It is a new journey for all of us, and it has gone smoothly, more than I expected, and I am so thankful and blessed for the people who have made this transition possible. I know there are moms and dads out there who are their children’s chauffeur and you are about as tired of running around as we are. I thought about sharing our schedule, "a day in the life" but thought better of it, after it took me 15 minutes to type it out and I only got through Monday. Basically it’s just plain ridiculous and no sane human should be doing it, but we are making strides toward simplicity, and that is worth celebrating.

New clothes! I mean, would this even be a fashion blog if I didn’t write about clothes? My office, and quite frankly the "side" of the building I work in is pretty conservative so I needed a few new pieces for my “work” wardrobe, at least that’s what I told myself as I walked into White House Black Market. Plus, I have a few friends that have asked what I’m going to wear to work. So, I’ve chronicled the first three days. I get to mix my new pieces with my current work appropriate pieces (all from Cabi of course) to create lots of outfits, this is something you should always keep in the back of your mind when shopping anyway. I chose pants, pencil skirts, and a suit that works well with multiple blouses and colors, not just black! I met two women in my building that are Cabi lovers like me, I'm so excited to see what these ladies wear and how they style their pieces!

-Cabi pants and booties, White House Black Market blouse

Le Fleur Boutique pants, Cabi tank, White House Black Market blazer

-White House Black Market skirt and blouse

I have my tripod at work to take pictures and will probably post an" outfit of the week" on Instagram for those that keep asking, only if my current house sells, or if we buy appliances so we can move into or new house, or if we make our way over to that simplicity I was talking about earlier! Either way, Happy New Year!

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